Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle – A combination of a board game

When Namco Bandai announced the release of Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle for mobile , we anxiously. Especially when the developer is about to pack the game in the form of a puzzle / adventure which is actually not a “stuff” in the universe again new world of gaming. What have the quality? You probably… Read More »

Play as Goku in Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle

When fighting, you will find a lot of balls “Ki” in various colors. Here you have to match them in order to give damage on the opponent in front of you. You can play traditional games like puzzle else, or you can pay attention to the strengths and weaknesses of these spheres to develop a… Read More »

Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle: Released For Western Market

Ready with ka-me-ha-me-ha ?! Bandai Namco has landed Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle, an action-puzzle game newest franchise Dragon Ball Z, for North America and Europe. Wait shortly presence in the smartphone and tablet love; Renowned video game publisher Namco Bandai has finally released Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle , a new action game franchise… Read More »

Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Review

Anything that bears the name of Dragon Ball will attract the attention of fans, considering the brand is already very popular all over the world, especially in Indonesia because up to now show Dragon Ball is still up in one of the private TV station. One of the new mobile game, android and iOS devices,… Read More »