Blizzard inaugurate Starcraft Remastered

For some gamers, the name Starcraft maybe just “old names” that had adorned the gaming industry in the past. But for those who follow the exploits of Blizzard’s strategy game, Starcraft is an icon. Not only because he is one strategy game that had adorned most of the past game center Indonesia, but also ended up to be the backbone of e-Sport in the country of South Korea. New series is already slid with separate expansion, but the appeal of the original Starcraft would not seem to fade swallowed period. Enough to make Blizzard decided to revive it.

After a rumored some time ago, Blizzard finally officially announced Starcraft Remastered project that will include Ward Brood content in it. Blizzard made sure that none of the content or gameplay mechanics that are changed here, and the only changes made in the level of cosmetic. You will get a better visual Remastered, improvements in audio and dialogue, as well as matchmaking using Blizzard (which used to be called A trailer was also released to show the difference.

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