Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle: Released For Western Market

Ready with ka-me-ha-me-ha ?! Bandai Namco has landed Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle, an action-puzzle game newest franchise Dragon Ball Z, for North America and Europe. Wait shortly presence in the smartphone and tablet love;

Renowned video game publisher Namco Bandai has finally released Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle , a new action game franchise Dragon Ball Z, on Google Play and App Store. A few weeks ago the mobile gaming is already early available to users of Android and iOS devices in Japan, but now also can be downloaded for gamers in North America and Europe.


Dokkan Battle is a game title that carries a hybrid element, in which you’ll find a game-style board game with the incorporation of elements of the fight between the teams, which would make this free game was very interesting. Before you start playing, you have to set up a team consisting of figures Dragon Ball characters were popular, as Gohan, Trunks, Piccolo, and much more, to later fight against the enemy in the battle arena.

The one of the main portion of the game’s elements contained in the board game, where you will navigate a team of characters from one place to another and find a new battle. When you enter a real fight, the display Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle  will turn into a fight-based puzzle game that will involve color, speed and accuracy pick like playing a puzzle game.

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