Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Review

Anything that bears the name of Dragon Ball will attract the attention of fans, considering the brand is already very popular all over the world, especially in Indonesia because up to now show Dragon Ball is still up in one of the private TV station.

One of the new mobile game, android and iOS devices, which has been circulated today titled Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle . This game had been released a long time in Japan, but the English version released recently in Google Play and App Store. Although the new, but its popularity is very high which download number has reached millions.


Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle is an action game with elements of puzzle genre. Gameplay is displayed on a game made by Namco Bandai is very unique, at the time of the battle the player must choose energy balls various colors first.

The ball that has been selected will blend with the same colored ball that is nearby. The more combinations of balls of the same color together, the greater the attack launched to the enemy.


Dragon Ball Z Battle Dokkan presenting the experience of playing a very comic. The point is that the player will be presented scenes are displayed in panels and dialog like in the comics. Besides artwork and color in every scene was impressive.

The characters used in any fighting there are many. In each battle, players can use up to 6 characters at once. Characters that can be used include Goku, Yamcha, Kurilin to criminals such as the Android. Players can get a random character in Shop.

Overall, Dragon Balk Z Dokkan Battle  is an exciting game with a distinctive animation which will remind the players with the action of Goku and his friends in the comics and anime. It sucks out of this game is just the size of a big game, and when updates are often disconnected.

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