Modder Bring Red Dead Redemption to GTA V

If we talk about the game “exclusive” super cool console that still can not be enjoyed by PC gamers today, hence the name Red Dead Redemption seems appropriate to topping the list. Cold hands Rockstar managed to mix one of the best wild game western world, with stories and interesting gameplay mechanics. Unfortunately, in spite of the demand is so strong, Rockstar never seemed keen to bring this game to the PC. You include gamers who dreamed it? Besides emulator, no extra solutions are now formulated by the modder.


With active modding scene in GTA V, a modder team tried to take one another ambitious project – to bring comprehensive map of Red Dead Redemption into it. The project is given the name of “Red Dead Redemption V” itself has been done almost two years, with a beta version that will be released to the public in the summer of this year. They are also now open “vacancy” programmer to inject special features such as Red Dead Dead Eye, for example.

red-dead-redemption-v2-600x300 red-dead-redemption-v-600x283

So far, the modder team still struggling to enhance the visual side, from the design of the map, texture, until the day / night cycle that he stretcher. While on the other hand, Rockstar has confirmed Red Dead Redemption 2 which will be released later this year for the Playstation 4 and Xbox One. Like the first series, there has been no talk of the PC version until today.

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