Play as Goku in Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle

When fighting, you will find a lot of balls “Ki” in various colors. Here you have to match them in order to give damage on the opponent in front of you. You can play traditional games like puzzle else, or you can pay attention to the strengths and weaknesses of these spheres to develop a strategy that is more qualified. For example, the red ball / STR much more powerful used against the yellow ball / PHY, but the effect will not be so against a blue ball / AGL.


In addition to the above strategy, you can also change the order of battle to fight the enemy to better fit the character of your opponent so that you will be having the upper hand. This strategy can also protect you from enemy attacks and create combo attacks. Not only that, you also can strategize a way to adjust the type of fighter that matches the type of Ki which can provide healing and special abilities.

Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle  have fight scenes were exciting to watch. Just like the Dragon Ball anime which had often you watch on TV, the fight takes place quickly. But to deepen the story, the game also provides a slow groove.

For example, every time you call you can see the new character animation Goku Kamehameha fired her in a slow groove. Animation is certainly slow motion you in the game, but still worth to you witnessed.

Dragon Ball Z: Battle Dokkan presents a rare opportunity for fans of Dragon Ball Goku in order to experience the world through a mobile device. Although the game is fairly standard and not very innovative when it comes to the content offered, the presence of the characters of this series is too precious to miss you.

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