PS3 Emulator for PC Run Catherine With Fluent!

Catherine? How many of you still remember the game blend Atlus this one? At the beginning of its introduction, it looks like a game that never prediction will come out of this one Japanese developers. The main character is super sensual, mature themes, the story of a love triangle, until the spices mystery that always provoke our curiosity. Cool again? Everything is mixed together in a puzzle game with a high difficulty level. But unfortunately, he only released for consoles alone. At least, until the emulator “attack”.

Like do not want to miss the other emulators, especially for 3DS (image) and Wii U (Cému), 3 Playstation emulator for PC – RPCS3 began to speed up the development process. Some new things achieved, including running game Atlus output in 2012 ago – Catherine. Not just play, but be sure to walk in framerate gameplay that should be no problem. You can see a bit of the demo was officially released via video RPCS3 above. However framerate and visual sync-sound seems to need further treatment at the cut-scene.

Slowly but surely, RPCS3 began to show his strength as a serious emulator that can not be underestimated only. How about you? Playstation 3 games where you most want to see appear in the emulator on this one?

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