Super Bomberman

Super Bomberman R Review

For you gamers 80s and 90s must have been familiar with Super Bomberman franchise, franchise “old” owned by Konami is indeed hypnotize gamers around the world with its gameplay that is easy and very fun especially when playing in multiplayer competitive.

Why Super Bomberman is one of the old franchise? Because the franchise was first released in 1983 and recently exploded in 1989 since it was released for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) entitled Bomberman. Over time, Konami has finally released the series of Bomberman II, until it became Super Bomberman for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) in 1993. Where in this SNES version, Super Bomberman can play up to 4 players at once.

Super Bomberman

In addition to success as a game, Bomberman franchise also ventured into the world of film until a few episodes of the anime movie that also managed to attract viewers when it aired in the region and the western region of Japan. Currently the age of Bomberman franchise has been the age to 33 years and as a mark of respect, Konami revive Super Bomberman after so many years gone by title Super Bomberman R exclusively for Nintendo consoles Switch.

You’re curious as to what the game Super Bomberman R to Switch? Here are excerpts of his launch trailer that you can watch.

The presence of Super Bomberman R itself is very surprising, because when Nintendo revealed the console Switch turns out he also mensisipkan a video showing the game Super Bomberman R that comes with a fresh appearance than its predecessor. For gamers who are aged 20 years or older may be, the first impression when hearing the appearance of Super Bomberman R is nostalgia. Due to revive memories of this game ever felt by gamers who never played a game or Super Bomberman Bomberman on NES or SNES.

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